Specialty Residencies

For private residences that involve special purpose planning and the integration of ITC and automation systems, Metrax handles the project management, special materials usage, the various subsystems design and integration along with construction consulting. Such residencies for example can be embassies or ambassador residencies mandating high security specifications or large surface luxurious residencies utilizing high-tech systems, requiring ad-hoc establishments and complex material applications. At the table below you can see an indicative description of characteristics that classify a residence as a special purpose project.

Complementarily to our Architectural and PM Services, we provide a specific service for Materials Selection and we offer our years of work and experience on the appropriateness and effectiveness of materials to be used. Click on the link to find out about our approach on materials usage and selection, designed to create unique looking surfaces balancing out cost, durability, effectiveness, comfort and unique aesthetics.

For projects requiring high level security planning, we collaborate with selected leading specialized partners to bring you the highest possible level of expertise and produce no compromise solutions as appropriate for this sensitive area. Starting with a Security Specifications Assessment report, we integrate all the requirements in our planning from the beginning while offering consulting, project management and commissioning delivering complete turn-key solutions.

We have created a solid network of partners for each and every characteristic inherent to specialty residence projects, enabling us to design and implement any features required seamlessly, as an integral part of our project management process.

Contact Metrax today to arrange a presentation of the possibilities and features available with today’s technology and how we can integrate them into a residence creating contemporary solutions of increased functionality and high aesthetic value.

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Metrax Specialty Residencies Characteristics*
Smart Management Special Amenities Special Constructions Aesthetics  Security
Integrated  System Management  through unified GUI Dedicated front projection based Home Cinema Renewable Energy  sources (i.e. geothermal) Unique Architectural Elements (volume, shape, levels, materials, finish) Reinforced Perimeter, walls, doors, widnows
Lights, A/V, Security Systems, Clima Control Internal Pool, sauna & gym, aquarium, terrarium spaces Internal Gardens & Atriums Special Materials usage (i.e. texture, properties, etc)  CCTV, Intrusion detection systems integration
Internal – external integrated automation mechanisms High End Smart Kitchens Illuminated Glass display floors Interior -exterior Lighting Design (i.e. mood, presentation  Specialty Gates
Remote Management through tablet and smartphone Kids recreation rooms & exterior spaces Special landscaping (i.e. ponds, hills, courts,) Frames & surfaces of unique shape  Panic Room & Vault
Server Based media management & distribution Fully ITC enabled library, office, meeting rooms Full scale disability based design or fit-out High End climate adapted landscape design  Contingency provisions & disaster recovery planning