Project Management

project_managemtn_featMetrax offers three levels of Project Management (PM). Full Scale PM, Construction PM and Project Monitoring & Reporting each tailored for different client’s needs and project sizes. Through a thoroughly designed stepped process and in cooperation with the client, we set clear project goals, we line out the objectives and program timely aligned actions in order to ensure successful outcomes and efficient usage of resources. The table below highlights the characteristics of each service type but you can read more information about each level of service by clicking on the tabs below the table.

Full Scale Project Management
Construction PM
Project Monitoring & Reporting (PMR)
  • FSPM includes all CPM & PMR services and we take total project responsibility
  • Integrated Property Development Service
  • Financial advisory & project presentation to financing committees
  • Construction Services & PM
  • Post-construction services (Marketing, Sales, Fit-Out)
  • Communication and collaboration management for all members at all stages
  • Custom designed communication and collaboration platform utilizing latest technology to better serve project objectives and members’ needs
  • Involvement at the construction stage only
  • Full management and control of the building process from site preparation to project finalization and handover
  • We act as a single point of reference and responsibility for the owner concerning the construction process
  • Web based & Traditional Reporting Service
  • Involvement at the construction stage only as an independent and unbiased third party
  • Acting as auditors of the assigned Project Management teams and fully documenting and reporting their progress and adherence to scope of work
  • Notification and advisory for corrective action when and if needed
  • Billing review & Reporting. Disputes management
  • Web based & Traditional Reporting Service

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Full-Sacale Project Management (FSPM)

The most efficient and best results course of action we suggest to our client is to involve us in the project right from the beginning. Applying our Project Management expertise from the conception stage of a construction work, to completion, closeout and commissioning, ensures that execution takes place within budget and timeframe while quality of implementation is guaranteed. This is our responsibility and we communicate progress to the project owner on a pre-agreed time basis (e.g. weekly or monthly) through a detailed report in printed form, a web based service and scheduled meetings.

The difference between Construction (PM) lies to the area of responsibility a Full Scale PM service contract applies to. Through FSPM, we are involved and appointed as co-owners right from the genesis of the idea down to the beginning of a building’s operation. In this respect, we undertake the role of the development consultant and manage everything from engineering to marketing and building management details.

FSPM includes the following service categories

  • Development Project “Co-ownership” (Read more}
  • Pre-Construction Stage Management (Read more)
  • Construction Project Management & Reporting (Read more)


Construction PM

Service Highlights

  • Construction Site Preparation & Management. (Amenities, facilities, security)
  • Contract Review / Scope of work (legal & non-legal) and dispute management
  • Cost control, analytical reporting & Payments Management on a progress basis
  • Contractor and subcontractors auditing (Billing audit and review)
  • Quality Assurance Control (construction, materials, installation, certificates, warranties)
  • Building Code and approved designs compliance assurance
  • Public authorities audits coordination and control (drawings & submittals)
  • Materials procurement, quality checks, storage and coordination of supply with workflow
  • Scheduling of work and construction crews to increase efficiency and reduce costs (PMO)
  • Accurate coordination of critical time dependent tasks
  • Assurance of accordance to scope of work with the contractors / subcontractors
  • Health & Safety management and insurance coverage
  • Communication & Process Meetings Management at all stages
  • Coordination with the Architect, Engineering Team, owner and construction crews

Project Monitoring & Reporting

Metrax can be appointed as a an auditor and representative of the owner with the purpose of monitoring all project construction activities ensuring that expenses are within budget and tasks complete within the predefined timeframe. Should any irregularities or delays be detected, the owner will be forewarned before any problem becomes substantial (due to precedence factor) and corrective action is either prohibitive or too expensive. Our role can be strictly auditory thus other project managers may be involved in the project.

Weekly reports and logs of all activity with detailed progress descriptions (incl. photos & video material), are submitted to the owner both through a web service and in writing. In addition, should the need arise, we timely submit our proposals for corrective actions either to avoid problems or for improvement purposes as the project evolves.

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