Metrax, is constantly researching the property market while developing a strong contact network in order to identify, inspect and analyze the prospects of attractive opportunities for investment. Additionally, we work on custom requests for finding suitable property based exclusively on the client’s investment objectives. In certain cases, those demands are matched through our Property Acquisition & Disposal service along with other client’s property that has already been prepared for investors, accompanied by Master Plans, feasibility studies and financial analyses on proposed commercial exploitation opportunities.

Property that qualifies as an “opportunity” is going through the scrutiny of our own assessment framework and needs to meet specific prerequisites in relation to acquisition price, usage type, development options, prospective internal rate of return and future value accumulation, based on its location and ad-hoc characteristics.

Metrax Advantages

Through Metrax’s integrated services approach, investors reap benefits otherwise requiring several providers to realize while entailing higher service charges and longer lead times as a result of communication complexity between multiple parties. Aside market research and financial appraisal services, we incorporate full scale Architectural, Engineering and construction services carrying deep market knowledge and experience assimilation that allow us to produce proposals of high plenitude and supported by accurate real world data ensuring applicability, proof of concept and accuracy of results. Yet, our marketing and post construction services such as commissioning, fit-out and Facilities Management consulting offer investors complete control during all stages of the lifecycle of their investment whether it is purely financial in nature or extending to development and commercial exploitation as well.

Metrax has a wide network of reliable partners in the property sector and strong contacts within banks that constantly provide information about new opportunities. Yet, our ties and cooperation with them, have offered us experience in compiling and presenting investment proposals on behalf of clients that seek financing in the appropriate format required in order to achieve approval and carry forward fast.

Bespoke Services through modern technology tools

Our services are fully customizable and we can handle assignments either from the beginning or at any stage of the process that the client seems fit. The initial service stage is targeted at building a custom investment profile accompanied by a per client customized presentation of the Greek property market in alignment with their financial objectives and investment capability. In turn, combining our Acquisition & Disposal consulting service with other core and auxiliary services we help investors tailor solutions that are completely responsive to their case without any compromise in relation to their needs.

Our turn-key offerings, allow access to opportunities as they present themselves and the utilization of web based modern technology tools through which they can set-up and receive customizable notifications related to their investment objectives or order services and customized reports. Options such us detailed property surveys, certified valuations, legal compliance, financial analyses, feasibility studies, IRR projections and comparisons between investments, assist the decision making process and enable options not readily available before. Offering investors immediate access to all required information and due diligence in order to make the correct decision is our main objective while being a true one-stop property service provider is what makes as different and effective while our customers benefit from reduced lead times and costs.


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Online Management Tools

Being a technology driven company, we are constantly looking into improving the ways we serve our clients by offering them fast and efficient access to information about their property and progress reporting on projects we are assigned. For this reason we invest a lot of time and resources on the creation of modern tools that enable our clients to manage their portfolios and access useful information anytime the need.

Through a dedicated web site, Metrax clients are able to perform a series of tasks related to their account ranging from information retrieval to basic portfolio management operations depending on the type of service they have chosen. Some of the features available are:

Standard Features


  • Standard Property Profiles
  • Legal Documents
  • Contracts
  • Billing & Invoices
  • Basic Floor Plans
  • Key Property Contacts

Reports & Advice

  • Project Progress Reports
  • Market Reports
  • Property Benchmarks
  • Repairs Advice
  • Lease Rates & Marketing Advice

Custom Premium Features

Detailed Property Profiles

  • Photographs
  • Detailed Floorplans
  • Equipment Inventories
  • Maintenance Information
  • CAD Drawings
  • BIM Planning

Custom Reports & Advice

  • Up to date Condition Reports
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Repairs Budgeting
  • Property Listing
  • Premium Market Reports

We are planning to implement additional features and tools in the future that further enhance portfolio management possibilities while reducing both costs and lead times. Upcoming features include the ability of registered customers to quickly submit detailed inquiries for auxiliary services using electronic forms as well as self manage property listings on our dedicated property site

Marketing Sevices

Utilizing latest technology design tools and sophisticated marketing analysis techniques along with the expertise and talent of highly qualified professionals, we create unique presentations that make properties stand out while highlighting their true exploitation potential. Complementing our Acquisition & Disposal service our marketing approach adds value that significantly enhances the communication effectiveness of the property promotion process allowing  targeted audiences to quickly access and comprehend all the required information about a property before they decide. Our focused presentations are both informational and suggestive in nature since in addition to presenting properties in their current status there are options to include potential usage scenarios accompanied by any type of supporting material the client might choose. For example, these might be certified valuations, investment appraisals, conceptual 3D Models or animations among other options, including Metrax Services at reduced cost for the buyer-tenant should they decide to proceed with us.


  • Professional Photography
  • 3D Conceptualization
  • Business Analysis
  • Competitive Advantages

Dedicated Web Page

  • Interactive Presentation
  • Interactive Floorplan
  • 3D & 2D Photography
  • Brochure Download


  • Target Communication Strategy
  • Custom Live Audience Presentations
  • Promotion through our property site
  • Social Media Communication

Property Disposal

Metrax can greatly improve a property’s sales potential and attain the highest possible value in the market through our services such as: Property Surveys & Condition Assessment, Valuations, best usage scenario identification & concept Master Planning (incl. 3D Modeling), Feasibility Studies of concept proposals, marketing material production & focused  promotion targeted at the most appropriate audience.

Check our dedicated web sites for more information about our Property Marketing Services & Bespoke Property Promotions below:



Property Retainment

The financial objectives when owning property seem straightforward and usually revolve around reducing cost of ownership while maximizing yields and value. However, there are a lot of factors involved in achieving them and not all approaches work the same. In fact, it is quite common that properties within the same area perform higher than others both at an occupancy level as well as financial performance wise. There are several factors besides location that affect property performance such aesthetic value, functionality characteristics, quality of construction, maintenance and operating costs, usage potential and marketing of the property through its lifecycle.

Metrax analyzes all those factors in depth providing sound advice on how to apply improvements that increase property attractiveness and achieve the highest possible lease rates in relation to investment and market value of the property at any given time. Our services include full legal coverage and assist property owners to achieve compliance with current and forthcoming legislation (BCC, Energy & Electronic IDs, Health & Safety), along with guidance in the resolution of possible disputes with tenants or public authorities. Additionally we provide guidance and advice on avoiding fines or reduced lease value on time by preventing lost income due to vacant property or tenants fleeing for more attractive alternatives.

Furthermore, we provide sound advice and proposals for potential investment (jointly financed or own funds based), create the highest possible yielding exploitation solutions for each of your assets and produce the required marketing material while undertaking the promotion of leasable or to be disposed assets. Complementarily, we offer consulting on financing options, authoring and presenting proposals to banks or other financing parties in order to accelerate approval and proceed fast.

Property Surveys & Condition Assessment, Valuations, Property Maintenance Consulting, Lease Rates advice, Marketing & Promotion Services, Tenants Management, Renovations or Upgrades Planning to increase perceived value, are relative services that Metrax provides as part of our turn-key solutions portfolio for property owners.

Each piece of property is unique and a different mix of services applies. Contact Metrax to discuss your case and we will create a custom service proposal suitable for your objectives and financial capability.

Electronic IDs

Effective since January 2015 in Greece, new legislation states that all buildings in Greece should have an electronic ID that contains their building permit papers including all modifications since they were first constructed. For new buildings permits the process is compulsory and will be part of the issuing process. Older buildings are given a 10 year deadline to submit the required information and receive an electronic ID while buildings that have been subject to “settlement” are given a 5 year period before the completion of their Electronic ID. Due to the complicated nature of the law and possible amendments each case needs to be examined independently. Clients are advised to contact Metrax and have their case examined by one of our engineers.

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