A culture we are proud of

Core Values

There are four key values that reflect our company culture and define the framework of our operation. Based on those, we build relations that attend to unique customer needs and focus on exceeding their expectations as a key priority in our workflow process.


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The foundation of our advice guiding our actions has always been knowledge derived through education and practical experience in the field. In addition to the “hands on” experience and academic knowledge our team members possess, we maintain strong ties with acclaimed industry experts and active members of the relative academic communities, allowing us to utilize their expertise on demand. Rest assured that it is either correct advice delivered by us or no advice at all.

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We are clearly accountable for all our actions and their effects pertaining to our work. In Metrax every detail is documented and in combination with thorough reporting of work in progress through purpose designed mechanics, we ensure that there are no “gaps” or uncertainty about responsibilities. Yet, this is a commitment we are ready to sign.

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“Seeing through our clients’ eyes” is imperative in understanding their needs and consequently solving their problems. We analyze and study each project through expertly designed questionnaires, field surveys, interviews and brainstorming sessions, enabling us to extract the most accurate information upon which we base our advice. Such practicing, is the foundation of any successive actions and an integral part of our service quality assurance mechanism built in every step of our workflow. “Gaining perspective is what makes us effective”.

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Results Proof

Proving the effectiveness of our work in tangible and measureable terms is among our top priorities in each project we undertake. It is one thing to suppose and a totally different matter to deliver perceptible and value weighted results that can be measured. Our workflow, is tied to pre-calculated paths allowing to act proactively while pre-building readiness to react on “need”. Yet, collaborating through a mutually effective communication platform, enables us to impart real-time progress, submit stage completion reports on time and depict measurable value-added, in terms our customers can easily comprehend.

Health & Safety


Life and health are invaluable and irreplaceable, thus, an uncompromisable approach is adopted by Metrax on this front. We are proud of our persistence in pursuing the highest possible Health & Safety standards in every single work environment we are involved.



We believe in harmony and rigorously seek seamless integration of our projects with nature and the civil environment they are based on. Our work is always considerate of both the aesthetics of the surroundings as well as the minimization of its impact on nature and the community.