Analysis & Assessment

Analysis & Assessment is a complementary service to our Property Development & Asset Management services and is always preceding them in order to ensure data validity and a solid base where we build our advice. In this light and considering that most of our customers are corporate entities, property, as a highly valuable and cost incurring resource, needs to be utilized productively and efficiently in order to bear the highest possible return on investment while facilitating the fulfillment of their business objectives in every possible way.

Through a thorough business analysis we aim at identifying whether owned or leased assets are appropriate for their intended use, utilized at their max potential, carry a justified operating cost and their scope is aligned with business needs and future strategic objectives. Yet, we factor-in current and future maintenance costs, location specific attributes and property value in relation to current usage and alternative options. However, there are many more factors to be considered and each analysis depends on the business type we examine and its unique characteristics and needs. E.g. retail vs office space vs health.

On these grounds, we project current & future vs alternative usage scenarios both for each property unit independently to identify opportunity costs and based on current usage type in relation to company growth and space needs currently and in the future.

The findings suggest actions and possible property portfolio restructuring where appropriate (acquisitions, disposals or swaps) in order to maximize ROI and fulfill business objectives more efficiently. I.e. gradually sell, lease or dispose several small buildings to finance relocation to a larger asset and achieve consolidation (fewer overheads) and higher ROI from existing properties through making them available for alternate usage or exploitation if owned.

The Analysis aims to allow for the collection of adequate and valid data in order to form the correct asset strategy that is unique for each customer and allows for effective decision making avoiding mistakes that cost time, money and even impede business growth.

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