Company Relocations

Company Relocations
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Managing successful and cost-effective company relocations

Relocation Management

Company relocations are stressful, complex, costly, time & resource consuming procedures that unless managed precisely and effectively, can have an impact on the organization with consequences ranging from temporary disruption of operations, lost customers, data and financial losses incurred among other problems caused.

Proactive programming, advance scheduling and a sound action plan are indispensable factors contributing to a successful relocation and more often than not, the assistance of a dedicated professional partner, focused exclusively in managing the task are the normal. Recruiting an external collaborator that possesses the analytical, organizational, scheduling, managerial and action planning skills, ensures minimal time spent on the project (HR) and the reassurance of having someone on board that has gone through this process many times before.

Metrax can take off the stress of internally managing a complex relocation project that costs valuable time and can impact the flow of operations due to deviated resources (human & capital). Besides proactive engagement in Advance planning & Accurate Timing of handover, for leased properties, Metrax offers dilapidations and disputes management as part of our Acquisition & Disposal service. Correct handling of such legal and technical issues, ensures minimal costs through a coordinated disposal of the old property with the transfer to the new.

Although not a requirement, companies that wish to relocate are advised to begin preparation either on their own or through hiring a consultant, well ahead of selecting their new location. This way, delays or missed move dates can be eliminated almost completely, costs can be kept at a minimum while the new location choice process is facilitated immensely since it is based on due diligence and more accurate data.


Plan ahead

What are the actions a company should take in order to prepare efficiently for a relocation?

Having a clear picture of the current space related data such as utilization efficiency, running & maintenance costs, existing problems and space-personnel related issues, will lead to a much more informed decision on the new location regarding actual needs, investment capability and benefits from the move. Preparation can either be performed internally by using in-house resources and expertise or through hiring an external consultant.

The benefits of outsourcing apart from the expanded know-how, include time savings in practice through avoiding to ‘reinvent’ the wheel when it comes to valid and useful data collection along with scheduling and

organizing the move. The investment in hiring an external consultant to manage the move project is small in relation to the derived benefits overall. translating to reduced managerial overhead, less ‘expensive’ own HR hours and increased efficiency at many levels due    and if the organization chooses an integrated services provider saving can extend even more


  • Build an inventory

    Prepare a detailed inventory of all company assets and re-evaluate their usefulness or their eligibility for transport to the new location (this is a good opportunity to cross-check with accounting)

  • Data Collection

    Gather data about current space usage, identify inefficiencies, check running and maintenance costs related to your current premises and reconsider functionality related needs in view of the future move.

  • ITC & Equipment

    Brief your IT department regarding the move and ask them to come up with a clear transition plan focusing on data security, backups and possible infrastructure upgrades required in order to cater for the new location and future needs. Plan accordingly for every piece of electronic or mechanical equipment that is serving the company operation and contact corresponding vendors for technical consulting.

  • Budget Planning

    Evaluate your financial capacity and prepare for the forthcoming investment. You should consult with industry experts about costs that are hard to calculate in house (i.e. construction works) and are unavoidable during a relocation. Having a clear picture of “what will be required” will lead to informed decision making and fund availability when you are ready to make the move.

  • Notify everyone

    Notify all your customers and partners about your planned relocation and any changes accompanying your operation. A clear notice on the company website along with an e-mail newsletter reaching everyone in your contact list is a good starting point.

  • Define needs

    Along with data collection and based on current information, define your current real estate needs and plan ahead with flexibility and headroom for reasonable growth in mind.

  • Location & Property Characteristics

    Notify real estate agents specializing in the property sector corresponding to your plans and begin discussing your needs. Besides surface area and location, consider energy consumption and flexibility versus your future needs. Consult with engineers ahead of time if fit-out and construction work is involved.

  • Consider Outsourcing

    At a certain point during the planing stage a decision should be made about handling the project internally or hiring a consultant. Critically consider cost of human resources, efficiency and effectiveness before deciding between in-house project management or outsourcing.

Metrax Service Provisions

As an integrated services provider offering Turn-Key solutions, Metrax provides complete coverage when it comes to relocation projects simplifying the process even more. Since we are initially called upon to design and construct the new destination space, offering the option to also handle the move allows the customer to save significant resources and reduce complexity through a single communication point. Additionally, coordination of tasks becomes seamless and project integrity is ensured  via coherent management practices throughout all stages of the project.

The key points of our relocation management approach and service options are summarized below.



Office Conception


Dedicated Relocation PM

Acting as a single point of communication a dedicated Project Manager handles scheduling & logistics, packaging, transportation of (special) equipment, new facility commissioning

Employee Relocation Assistance

Should the new location mandates that individual employees need to relocate as well, we provide bespoke services allowing for minimal time spent during the move and a smooth transition to the new environment.

On site Help Desk

For larger organizations where a high number of employees are involved, we provide the option of setting up an on-site helpdesk offering orientation and assistance during the first days of the transition.

Mover Carrier Management

Choosing a mover is a task that needs special attention in order to balance cost and reliability depending on equipment to be moved. Metrax will prepare scope of work, set-up procurement, assist in carrier selection, contracting, scheduling and will closely supervise them during the move day(s).

Inventory Creation

All items are indexed and a detailed catalogue is created containing asset descriptions, current and new locations, current book values, photographs & condition.

Systems Integration

Utilizing certified technicians and partners we collaborate with your IT department for a smooth transition. Cabling, ITC, Access Control and every subsystem is transferred seamlessly and commissioned before the move.

Online Project Monitoring

Customers are assigned a private web page through which they can monitor their relocation project. We prepare the necessary data forms, electronic floorplans and guides along with progress reports and detailed schedules.

Asset Liquidation Management

Our team will plan and manage the sale or disposal of your company’s used or existing physical assets. Our liquidation program can include: recycling, retail sale, or auction of all the listed items you wish to dispose.

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