Acquisition & Disposal

Metrax offers Due Diligence services for purchasing or leasing regarding acquisition and sale or lease termination for property disposal including dilapidations and dispute management. Our clients are given the option to take advantage of the wide breadth our integrated services portfolio offers and find complete solutions throughout the whole property lifecycle. Beginning with the acquisition of land for development or disposal of existing property for cash or the initiation of a new cycle, our people provide solid advice and manage the whole processes effectively while acting as a single point of contact. To better understand the possibilities around acquisition or disposal through Metrax, we encourage you to read through our service descriptions and visit our dedicated property marketing site where presentation examples can be previewed. Optionally, we offer premium listing of commercial property as a service in and present them in a unique way that offers interested buyers information extending beyond the market standard offerings while targeting the appropriate audiences through focused channel marketing techniques.


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Property Acquisition

When planning to acquire property (buy or lease), either for own use or as an investment, Metrax enables its clients to make the right choice and achieve the highest possible value from their acquisition. Our proposals are based either on usage weighted factors, rate of return, future marketability options or drawn through ad-hoc criteria aimed at a balanced recommendation. We provide all the required data a fully informed decision entails, with risk assessment and future area development forecasting, using market intelligence tools and proven financial techniques. Whether you seek image enhancement, more space, better access, high commercial traffic or any combination of requirements, Metrax provides effective solutions that can be customized to fulfill specific needs.

Property Acquisition Related Services
Location Consulting Consulting on land acquisition for construction
(site selection & development possibilities/implications analysis)
Building Surveys and Condition Assessment Property Development
Renovation Services Financing Assistance
Property Valuation
Investment Appraisal & Feasibility Study
Legal Compliance
Energy & Environmental Management
Fit-out Services
ICT & Technology
Relocation Management
Negotiations Management, Lease Contract & Business Rates Advice
Architecture & Engineering , PM , Construction Services

Property Disposal

Property disposal requires different approaches for owned or leased property and each case can entail a different mix of services in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Owned Property Disposal

Whether your disposal objective is selling or leasing your property, Metrax will produce a sound marketing plan that highlights best usage scenarios and apply modern techniques that create competitive advantages attaining differentiation. Additionally, we undertake sales or tenancy management of the property, promoting it quickly and effectively through our real estate channels, minimizing time to market and saving resources while ensuring that highest possible value is obtained.

Leased Property Disposal

When terminating a property lease agreement, it is of the uttermost importance to proactively engage in advance planning & accurate timing of the handover process in order to reduce expenditure. Additionally and especially during harsh economic downturns, dilapidations occur that may lead to high repair costs and possible disputes with the landlord. Metrax legal advisors will review your tenancy agreement, assess your obligations based on current property condition and assist you to achieve a smooth, budgeted handover with minimum cost.

Property Disposal & Relocation (for companies)

Where property disposal and relocation is involved, we will work out a transition plan, timing the sale or tenancy of the old property and ensuring minimal cash flow impact during relocation. Scheduling and logistics are managed in parallel while the new site is being fitted-out for move in.

Property Disposal Related Services
Owned Property Leased Property
Marketing Plan & Promotion Dilapidations & Dispute Management
Master Plan & 3D Model Creation
(For promotion of pre-sales and pre-lease agreements)
Proactive Planning


Property Survey & Condition Assessment
Property Valuation Repairs Assessment & Budgeting
Renovation Services Repairs Implementation  
Sales / Tenancy Process Management including fit-outs (can be offered by the seller to increase property attractiveness) Relocation Services 

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