Is your property worth more?

Is your property worth more?

Sell or Lease real estate assets through effective channel marketing and sound communication of their true potential.

Our interactive presentations showcase the maximum possible performance of a real estate asset based on identifying and conceptualising usage scenarios that best match location characteristics and latest demand trends. Combining existing and suggested implementation of unique features we create competitive advantages that make a property stand out. Optionally, the targeted audience can access information such as asset specific and location related financial data along with market statistics and untapped future development possibilities that capture their interest and facilitate their decision making process. This is a bespoke Metrax service so customization options are truly open whether the asset is a structure or a piece of land.

  • Service Features
    • Identification of competitive advantages and accurate market positioning

    • Coceptualisation of potential usage scenarios to increase market reach

    • Master Plans, 3D Modelling or 3D floor plans of selected concepts

    • Professional Photography that attracts the audience

    • Dedicated property showcase Web Site

    • Digital Brochure containing all necessary marketing material

    • Interactive Infomap of the property or fully interactive 3D demo

  • Market Advantages
    • Address the right audience through channel marketing

    • Detailed property features & competitive advantages showcase

    • Clear communication of all the potential usage scenarios

    • Ready to deploy customer solutions based on their usage needs

    • Legally compliant & professionally valued (RICS)

    • Ability to provide construction cost estimates based on usage scenarios

    • Reduced sale or lease lead times

    Reach the right audience at the right time

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