Property Valuations

Producing an accurate valuation of a property is a highly technical and complicated task due to the inherent variability of the value contributing factors involved and the ever changing economic environment that causes volatility and price fluctuations in the market. The lifecycle of a property is ranging from long (structures) to eternal (land) thus when calculating its value, both the present and future conditions need to be accounted for in order to formulate a valid assessment.

Depending on the purpose of the valuation and the requirements of the client, Metrax employs professionals from multiple disciplines in order to ensure that valid data are extracted from every single element of the property identified to be contributing measurably to its aggregate value*. In certain cases and in order to achieve higher accuracy, additional or custom valuation models are utilized and the findings are supported both through clear description of the methodologies followed and according to RICs standards as well. The latter scenario might lead to more than one versions of the valuation report while such a necessity is highly dependent on the targeted audience and its needs (.i.e. financial institution, private investor or promotion). Some of the ad-hoc elements we are able to include in our valuation reports are:

  • Property Survey & Assessment of technical condition
  • Current Return rates, Taxation & Depreciation
  • Location Analysis & Identification of ideal or highest ROI usage scenarios
  • Value forecasting based on market trends, location and property potential
  • Specialty Value vs. Market Perceived Value

The list above is only a limited set of aspects that may affect the value of a building depending on the type, intended usage and the perspective required by the valuation recipient. For each case, we built a custom list of contributing elements to be accounted for, in order to represent value in more than one angle and beyond the “classic” metrics used in the market, usually based on the method of “fair market value”. In extension to the above, Metrax can submit a RICs certified valuation report through one of our accredited associates specializing in this area.

Valuation Purposes
  • Secured Lending
  • Acquisition or Disposal
  • Investment
  • Financial Reporting
  • Dispute Resolution

Findings & Proposals

Upon request, Metrax can submit proposals for increasing the property value and also undertake their implementation allowing our customers to realize the benefits of working with an integrated service provider throughout the whole process. The proposals can be purpose targeted, building energy and infrastructure specific, or designed to add functionality and features in pursuit of new opportunities for exploitation. Such requirements are seamlessly complemented by our fit-out, renovation and construction services and in certain cases they evolve into full scale construction projects that Metrax can fully manage as well.

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