Turn-Key Solutions

What is a Turn-Key Solution?

Metrax Turn-Key Solutions are combinations of services and skill-sets designed to fulfill the needs of specific customer groups. These innovative service packages offer our clients access to a “one-stop-shop” by undertaking a project from beginning to completion, covering areas that would normally require several external providers to be employed increasing complexity and costs. Instead, we unify management overhead into a single point of communication, customized and adapted to your daily workflow, saving you time and money while ensuring integrity of results. These service options reflect our experience in each category and the effort put in acquiring constantly updated knowledge in order to offer solutions that are truly flexible, efficient and always up to date with the latest technology advancements and beyond.

Turn-Key Solutions for businessesretail shops and retail F&B are mainly targeting the needs of small-medium companies offering design, management and consulting services that span across the whole spectrum of property life-cycle and extend to brand identity and communication. Metrax offers Branding and Property services in parallel, allowing for seamless integration of your business identity to your managed construction or renovation project. Additionally, Metrax undertakes the creation of brand aligned web presence and its promotion through all forms of communication while maintaining consistency in the same manner as large firms. It is a service that allows smaller companies to compete more efficiently by augmenting their market presence and communication effectiveness at a level that makes them stand-out and grow.

Additionally, Metrax has designed turn-key solutions for specific professional groups ranging from property developers to investors and financial institutions or public authorities through specialty valuations. Through these services, we are acting complementarily to our clients’ daily workflow and offer value by fulfilling ad-hoc technical and consulting needs. Check out the corresponding service to your sector to find out more.

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  • Businesses


    Design, construction, relocation management, facilities management and extended value added services covering web design and communications. 

  • Retail Stores

    Retail Stores

    Enforce your presence in the market. Metrax provides location consulting, store design, construction, fit-out, branding and web design all in one package.

  • Retail F&B Units

    Retail F&B Units

    Specialised F&B design services covering location consulting, store design, construction, licensing, fit-out, branding and web presence all in one package.

  • Hotels & Leisure

    Hotels & Leisure

    Stand out from the competition through creative architecture and unique interior design. From inception to completion Metrax will handle everything including fit-out, branding and web marketing. 

  • Property Developers

    Property Developers

    In addition to Architectural and Engineering design services, Metrax offers developers a series of complementary  managed services that reduce management overheads adding value up front.  

  • Investors


    Take advantage of unique investment opportunities accompanied by reports based on valid and up-to-date market data. Our customers also get access to premium content.

  • Property Managers

    Property Managers

    Integrated services for professional property managers including Property Surveys, Energy Mgmt, Valuations, dilapidations & dispute management as well as access to premium content on our site.  

  • Real-Estate Agents

    Real-Estate Agents

    Engineer certified Property Surveys for condition assessment, legal conformity check, licensing consulting and access to a wide range of innovative services through a single communication point. 

  • Specialty Valuations

    Specialty Valuations

    When a multidisciplinary approach is needed, Metrax offers the necessary skills to help you produce accurate valuations. From equipment to hazardous materials or structural issues that impact on value we are here to help.

  • Property Owners

    Property Owners

    Customized service packages covering asset management, acquisition & disposal consultancy, rent rates and more. Clients get their own private page in our site where they can monitor their portfolios.