Buildings age, styles and decorations become out of fashion while it is not uncommon that even from its conception a structure was neither designed adequately to last nor was it up to the standards of its intended use. The truth is that improperly designed structures with no character or lack of necessary architectural principles applied to them are the majority rather than the exception to the rule. The result is impeded functionality, high repair costs, outdated infrastructure, high energy consumption, unproductive atmosphere, bad image and reduced value in every dimension imaginable.

On the contrary, there are marvels of design that truly deserve to be modernized so that their functionality and appeal are improved while their special character is maintained for future generations and beyond. Yet, aside of a property’s aesthetics or historic value, gradually, the surrounding environment changes and the structure might need adjustments in order to be relevant to its value creating attributes (i.e. a location that has become highly commercial and its value risen a lot since the structure was built) and conform to current legislature and market requirements regarding energy consumption and operating cost.

There are numerous reasons, for a renovation and they cannot all be analyzed here. However, upgrading the aesthetic, value features and functionality of a building or maintain its style while modernizing its interior and infrastructure to become appropriate for an area specific use, is an investment that needs to be appraised and justified accurately. At Metrax we don’t approach a renovation or restoration project as a technical brick & mortal job only. Deep analysis and planning occur, prior to any construction works gets the green light and we make sure that every cent spent counts towards the creation of future value that exceeds the cost of investment in the highest possible degree. Depending on the client’s intentions and building status (e.g. current use, condition, return rate), we build a strong case for or against a renovation/restoration project and consult the client on how to act in order to get the highest return in value from the property.

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Renovation or Restoration?

In certain cases restoration is preferred or even required by law especially as far as the exterior views of a building are concerned. Metrax will check the legal requirements directly with the local building authorities and will provide advice accordingly. Architectural designs will adhere to any legal bindings and the original design will be respected to the letter coming up with a detailed plan to integrate innovation with tradition into a seamlessly functioning new whole.

Uninterrupted Business Operation

For renovation projects in business environment where operations should not be interrupted, we perform special project planning and organize work schedule around this criteria. Attention is paid to minimize disruptions and we handle any logistics of temporary staff relocations as an integral part of the project management process. For strict deadlines double or triple shifts are possible.

Check our Fit-Out Services for more information on managing construction works within business environments.

Private & Specialty Residences

Although our renovation services are targeted at commercial properties and large residential units, we also accept private property requests through our sister company MA Associates that specializes in design & architecture. Yet, for special purpose-built residences mandating commercial specifications (i.e. access control, smart management features, custom security systems, increased fire safety security, panic rooms, video projection rooms, etc) we form a highly skilled and experienced team of experts and undertake the project collaboratively. Such residences may be embassies or luxurious large surface (>800m2) housing units where features, systems integration, design complexity and quality level demanded, require a dedicated Project Management team to successfully implement the project.

Check out our Specialty Private Residencies Services for more information on this types of projects.     

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Construction & Project Management

Post-Construction Services

Location analysis, value assessment & future prospects Renovation Proposal based on usage scenarios and ROI

Renovation Actions

Relocation Management
Identify highest return rate building use for its location Feasibility analysis 1 – Aesthetic
Property Evaluation Capital Expenditure Budgeting External views- Internal redesign & Decoration- Surrounding space (gardens, etc) Commissioning
Property Valuation Investment Appraisal Marketing & Promotion if sale or tenancy
Current building style, architectural aspects and legal conformity requirements check. (e.g. restoration and preservation of external views). Master Plan ( 3D Modeling & Animation) 2 – Infrastructure & Frame related Property Management Service Contract
Insulation Upgrades for raising the energy class- Infrastructure upgrades (ITC cabling, piping, Cooling & Heating electrical, various mechanisms)
Architectural & Engineering Services Building Permit
Property ownership status 3- Increased Functionality & Added Features
User – Owner Intentions or best interest Uninterrupted business operation planning
Continuous building use by owner Presentation and promotion of the master plan to interested buyers or investors / co-developers Building expansions and fit outs-security & AV systems, automations, added manageability features Project Close-out
Continuous building use by tenant Financing Management
Renovation scope determination Check our Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction services


*The above is a general overview only and each building has different characteristics and renovation needs, varying in scheduling, technical difficulty, logistics, time and cost estimates. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and receive accurate information about your property.