Our Story

Did you know?

Since 1979, MA Associates has executed over 750 projects in Greece, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Central Africa, Ecuador and Europe.

Metrax was founded in parallel to  its sister company MA Associates Architecture, aiming at expanding its offerings to specialized property services that integrate engineering with the business aspects of property development and beyond. MA Associates has had a longstanding past of excellence in the field of architectural and construction consultancy. It was established in 1979 under the name Athens Design Center Int. (ATC) and operated up to 1987, strictly in the architectural field. Thereafter, the firm expanded its services into other engineering fields, under the guidance of the founder Andrew Mitilineos. MA Associates has demonstrated a thorough understanding and deep knowledge of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries along with the ability to evaluate and analyze projects in the context of local conditions, consistently providing technically practicable and economically viable solutions in its timeline.

Metrax Begins

Building upon MA Asc. architectural and consulting experience along with the reinforcing our human resources, we designed a new company aiming to provide Development Consulting, Retail Property Planning, Property Valuations, Project Management, Investment Appraisals, Budgeting and Asset Recovery, Legal Settlements, Energy Management and a lot more. Through an innovative service portfolio, METRAX is positioned as a property services integrator in the ever evolving and volatile property sector in Greece and the demanding foreign markets. We have brought together highly acclaimed engineering and business disciplined teams boasting international recognition and in conjunction with a strong network of specialized partners, we strive to make a difference through every part of our work. It is not only positive results that count as success for us, it is the clear perception of added value created through our services no matter the part of the process we are involved in. The proof lies in our history, the track records of our people and our fresh approach to problem solving that we can demonstrate on demand.

Our Colors


In Metrax we are committed to continuously reviewing and improving our services’ depth, quality and scope. In order to achieve this, we gather and analyze market feedback systematically thus ensuring that every change, every value and service aspect added, is a solution that fits our customers’ needs; now and in the future. The creation of perceptible and accountable value as a result of our actions is our drive for efficiency. In this light, our vision is to become a market leading Property Services Integrator in the sectors we are involved, recognized for our ethics, innovation, unmatched value creation and a unique aesthetic signature apparent in every project we are assigned. We aim high because we place our clients high at first.