Specialty Valuations

Specialty valuations is an extension of our core valuation service targeted at banks, insurance companies and owners of fixed assets with value structures of higher than usual complexity comprising unique elements at a structural and infrastructure level. In particular and in accordance with RICS “Red Book” standards, Metrax can produce an accurate report on the value of such real estate assets that includes detailed cost breakdowns of a complete or partial reconstruction, serving as a reference level for insurance, acquisition or disposal purposes.

By employing RICS certified professional valuators and in cooperation with our engineering team, our reports are accurate and meticulous. For example, we produce comprehensive valuations of old properties built with traditional methods and materials critically considering cost of construction or reconstruction based on current values and resource availability such as materials, appropriate design services and specialized crews. Similarly handled, are complex properties such as industrial, processing and logistics facilities or large luxury residencies that include multifunctional areas and special purpose constructions and/or equipment.

Optionally and depending on client needs, our valuation can include property content such as electronics, electromechanical equipment, art, decorative or rare items and any elements that might be considered as indispensable parts of the “whole” incorporating intrinsic value other than the cost of their material parts. Such elements are considered of high value due to market perception or constitute a critical part of the property functionality and need to be included when reporting replacement cost.

If necessary, Metrax can produce detailed (re)construction drawings, source materials, similar or same equipment and items as well as specialized crews for inclusion in our final report.

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