Construction Services

Metrax offers a complete range of consulting services during all stages of the construction process. Whether it is a small building, a full scale university campus or a hospital we can manage it efficiently, timely and quality assured. We employ selected highly acclaimed professional engineers of all the required disciplines that have worked by our side for the past 20 years. Furthermore, if required, a dedicated project manager with the appropriate certifications can be appointed and lead the project from beginning to completion. In particular we offer the following service options:

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Pre-Construction Services

Prior to any construction taking place, a lot of research is required by the interested party where expert advice and guidance are critical to the viability of the project. METRAX offers consulting from the very conception of the idea to the final light bulb installed in the building. Accurate planning leads to calculated results and ensures that costs remain within the expected budget. The services provided for this stage are:

Pre-Construction Services Highlights
  • Project Goals & expectations determination through meeting sessions with the owner
  • Feasibility study
  • Architectural/Engineering Design Management
  • Pre-design stage including concept creation & and presentation of proposed solutions
  • Selection of solution and pre-design adjustments
  • Customer approval of final solution
  • Submission to public authorities for pre-approval
  • Mechanical Engineering infrastructure analysis and options consulting
  • Project Goals & expectations determination through meeting sessions with the owner
  • Feasibility study (optional)
  • Mechanical Engineering infrastructure determination and options approval
  • Optional cost analysis and preliminary budget forecasting based on alternative scenarios
  • Conclusion and approval of selected options and solutions by the client
  • Final drawings development and submission to public authorities for approval including structural and mechanical engineering design sets
  • Building permit issuing
  • Detailed drawings development for contractors & systems integrators
  • Bill of construction materials preparation & Specifications (pre-measurements based)
  • Analytical project budgeting based on market prices of costs and services and pre-approved forecast
  • Final adjustment of budget based on needed amendments according to materials, infrastructure and equipment choices
  • Project Scheduling & Project Management Assignment
  • Scope of work authorship (specifications set)
  • Contractor bidding and selection based on scope of work
  • Cost analysis, biding management and contracting of external systems integrators concerning Security, Audio Visual, Electromechanical, electronics, fire extinguishing systems, BMS and related equipment installation.
  • Financial Consulting and Project Presentation to financing committees for approval (optional)


Construction Services

Mertrax can either build the project for you, or be assigned the project management only. The benefit of contracting us for building is that we can guarantee fixed pricing. Sub-contractors tend to be more willing to absorb unforeseen costs through steady partners compared to one off jobs. Thus, we can achieve better pricing due to repeated and continuous cooperation while there is no time consumed by the client through meetings with the contractor and subcontractors. They receive a unified service and billing from us and we are the single point of responsibility for the result. It is up to the project owner to decide which course of action to follow and we will exercise our role up to our maximum potential in either case. Aside from a full building contract, our Project Management construction services break down to the following options:

Construction Project Management
  • Construction Site Preparation & Management. (E.g. Crew Amenities, , site security & clean up)
  • Contract Review / Scope of work (legal & non-legal) and dispute management
  • Cost control, analytical reporting & Payments Management on a progress basis
  • Progress reports on pre-agreed milestones
  • Contractor and subcontractors auditing (contractor billing audit and review)
  • Quality Assurance & Control (construction quality / materials, installation, certificates, warranties)
  • Building Code and approved drawings compliance assurance
  • Public authorities audits, coordination and control (review of drawings & submittals)
  • Materials procurement, quality checks, on-site storage and coordination of supply with the flow of work
  • Optimal scheduling of tasks, work and construction crews to increase efficiency and reduce costs (in PM)
  • Coordination of subsystems installations to reduce costs. i.e. cabling and routing
  • Assurance of accordance to scope of work with the contractors / subcontractors
  • Health & Safety management and insurance coverage
  • Communication & Meetings Management at all stages
  • Coordination with the Architect, Engineering Team, owner and construction crews
  • Project closeout reporting and handover procedure management
  • Materials Guidance, Consulting & Selection (Read more)
  • As-built drawings for Mechanical and Electrical to be submitted. Operation and maintenance manuals, warranties and other required record documents to be submitted
  • Web Based Collaboration platform offering Progress Reports (photographs, video – live stream), Project Monitoring & Recording and “cloud” storage of project files for life through private account on our web-site (Read more)

Post-Constrruction Services

As an integrated services provider, Metrax continues to offer its services after the completion of the construction process covering a wide range of needs. From commissioning to Fit-Out, marketing or property and facilities management we offer expert advice and professional services in order to maximize your investment and minimize your costs.

Post-Construction Services Highlights
  • Commissioning Process Management
  • Building Cleaning & Preparation for Fit-in
  • Fit-out services – Whether you need a new conference room, an expansion or a new functional area (e.g. kitchen, refectory, projection room, theater hall, etc) we can design it, plan it and manage the process of building it without interrupting the operation of the building.
  • LED Lighting design and installation process management
  • Furniture & Decoration
  • Marketing Material Preparation (click to go to Development services where this is included! this can start before construction completion, 3D)
  • Advertising & Promotion Set-up & Management
  • Sales or Rental Process Management
  • Tenants & buyers fit-out management
  • Property or Facilities Management Contract


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