Property Development

Property DevelopmentReal estate development is a long, complex, capital intensive process, further complicated by the involvement of many different interacting parties and construction crews, raising the number of people involved from start to completion, to hundreds or even thousands depending on the size of the project. Every prospective project, needs to account for a series of factors affecting the complexity of the process such as fluctuating dynamics of market conditions, strenuous financing procedures, stricter legislature on building code requirements as well as the fact that buildings are not just “brick & mortar” anymore. They are increasingly becoming technology loaded “enclosures” imposing higher design complexity and meticulous planning in order to retain value while remaining relevant to market needs through the years of their lifecycle.

Considering the criticality of what we refer to as the “Precedence Factor” in a construction project, managing it, foreseeing problems and acting proactively, requires knowledge and experience that the project owners are unlikely to possess unless it is their specialty or their professional occupation and have been through the process enough times before. Each project stage is the foundation for its successor, thus, every decision made and action taken (or not taken) affects the ones following. Mistakes, omissions or construction defects at any stage can severely compromise the results, lead to increased costs, reduced quality, expensive delays and capital loss. The ability to foresee and act proactively in order to prevent problems takes years of experience, knowledge and expertise, hence the earlier the development consultant is involved in the project the lowest the risk of error to occur.

Cumulative Process Risk 


Proactive Decision Making

Multiple Teams

Technology Integration

External Conditions

Metrax’s role is not only to guide the project owner(s) through the process but to also undertake the burden of all planning and coordination of the teams involved. Yet, we prepare marketing material, promote, manage sales and lease or tenancy agreements at the same time. Beginning with brainstorming sessions leading to concept creation and concluding with the handover of a fully functioning construction fitted to operate, as a Development Consultant we become one member of the development team that acts in every single stage of the process to ensure project completion and success. By bringing METRAX “on board”, project owners gain access to the knowledge and experience of professionals that have completed the process many times before and are able to dynamically re-adjust the team’s skill-set according to needs as the project progresses.



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Metrax role as Development Consultant

Metrax Development Services’ Highlights

 Preconstruction Phase*

 Construction Phase*

 Post Construction Phase*

  • Co-ownership of the project
  • Full Scale Project Management from start to completion.
  • Acts as the central communication point and coordinating all team members & external parties involved. (e.g. financing agencies, public authorities, engineering teams, legal counselors, the owner, construction contractors, tenants, buyers, etc)
  • Provides advice to the owner in order to make decisions.
  • Systematically documents and reports progress accordingly to all concerned parties.
  • Takes responsibility for project quality, cost and deadlines being accountable to the project owner(s).
  • Ensures attainment of project objectives including sales, leases, tenancies.
  • Performs project close-out and presents the results to the owners after hand-over.
  • Project scope & expectations determination through meeting sessions with the project owner.
  • Investment Appraisal or Feasibility study & Market Analysis (Optional Master Plan creation)
  • Financing Consulting & Assistance, Legal Advice & Management
  • Property related government subsidies consulting & management
  • Location site selection or Property Acquisition consulting if not owned
  • Architectural & Engineering Services, Concept Planning & Building Permit issuing
  • Project Scheduling & Construction Project Management Assignment
  • Scope of work authorship (specifications set) Materials selection, Billing, Budgeting and Procurement Specifications writing
  • Cost analysis, selection consulting, biding management and contracting of systems integrators (e.g. Security Audio Visual, Electromechanical, fire safety, BMS and any other automation equipment.
  • Preparation of Capital expenditure budget based on final drawings, materials and subsystems selection.
  • Sourcing, contracting & procurement management.
  • Initiation of marketing material preparation and promotional activities management in case of sale or tenancy objectives are set for all or parts of the structure. 3D demonstration model creation (flyby and walkthrough).
  • Construction Project Management (Read more on the “Project Management” section)
  • Accounting for Project Costs
  • Environmental Management
  • Design Modification Requests Management & Implementation
  • Prospective buyers or tenants visits on construction site management
  • Custom & Specialty requests of early buyers/tenants review analysis and implementation in coordination with owners acceptance. (i.e. special ITC systems, vaults, reinforced walls, panic rooms, EMF shielding and interference blocking, access control, etc)
  • Financing flow & Progress Payments Management
  • Progress reports &Alerts
  • Communications Management
  • Ongoing Marketing activities until fulfillment of objectives.
  • Construction deficiencies review and corrective action management through contracts
  • Possible requested modifications by the owner(s)
  • Building Cleaning management to ensure no damage, protection of sensitive areas and sensitive data & Preparation for Fit-in
  • Commissioning Management (subsystems testing, calibration and operation potential assurance), User training management on building subsystems use.
  • Fit-Out service and occupancy management
  • Relocation management
  • Marketing Material update, Advertising & Promotion.
  • Tenants or Buyers requests Management and negotiations
  • Property Management
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