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Facilities Management is a service category with large breadth and scope as it involves a serious number of variables to manage varying both in type and complexity depending on the sector and usage scenario a facility is designed to serve. Space management, preventive and regular maintenance of buildings or equipment, service subcontractor’s management, supply chain, helpdesk and cleaning services are only a limited number of tasks lying within the area of responsibilities of the Facilities Manager which make their work complex and personnel intensive. According to statistics, 30% of organizations worldwide have difficulties in tracking their assets and 30-40% of occupied corporate space goes unused while it is still paid for and maintained. These and many more factors result in unnecessary expenses and lost productivity that cost anywhere from 100s of thousands to millions yearly depending on company size and type.

A successful Facilities Management strategy and programme implementation can have a mighty positive impact on the bottom line for companies with large facilities through many layers of improvements operationally and efficiency wise. Yet, today’s technology offers immense flexibility and power through highly sophisticated software tools that allow for unprecedented control in the fingertips of the management team while improving property user experience, employ productivity and customer satisfaction as well.

Metrax, although not a dedicated provider of Facilities Management services per se, is constantly researching and studying this sector and is able to provide sound advice to our clients’ helping them design and deploy a successful facilities management programme, operated in-house or partly outsourced according to their needs. Our consultants, start by analyzing their facilities thoroughly and extracting a wide range of data that are used to properly identify their requirements and design the specifications of an efficient, effective and expandable solution utilizing the appropriate tools along with procuring and choosing the right subcontractors for the job.

As a consultancy firm, our target is the implementation of cutting edge technology tools that offer facility managers immense flexibility and power in a wide range of day to day tasks, increased personnel productivity and measurable savings across the board. Equally, we provide proof of concept and sound ROI calculations for the upper management teams leaving no room for denial since numbers and sound industry paradigms speak for themselves.


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