Property solutions that stand out..

What is the difference?

It is not only what we do that sets us apart from the competition. It is what our customers say about our work that counts as proof of excellence and results delivered.

There are multiple ways to approach a property project and decisions made during the early stages of the development process will significantly impact the final outcome in terms of effectiveness, lead time and costs. Selecting the right company to design and manage your project might seem straightforward at first but there are more factors to consider than meets the eye. In short, the way a provider “stands-out” and which factors weigh in its favor compared to another in order to decide, is a task of equal importance to the project itself.

Choosing Metrax for your next project means that you get access to our innovative integrated services mix designed to produce cutting-edge solutions that truly stand out. Of course, we don’t expect you to solely base your decision on this. Get to know Metrax (link) in order to find out how we think, how we work, how fast and how effective we are when called upon and how we can prove this.

Our “engine” is our people and partners who are experienced professionals sharing common values along with a passion for perfection, efficiency, and the ambition to contribute in changing the workings of Real Estate in Greece. We envision a modern industry based on knowledge, science and the spirit of becoming an example for local and international peers. We evolve and improve through technical challenge, get excited with unique requirements and strive to deliver solutions that exceed our customer expectations in every possible way. Metrax was conceived and formed through vision, inspired by values and driven by ambition that is reflected in every process of our operation and beyond.

Market Positioning

Metrax was designed from square one to serve the needs of the Greek property market delivering services by means of innovation and qualities found in highly mature property markets around the world. Our strategic orientation is to constantly research, adopt, evolve and deploy successful ideas to the market by making them feasible and accessible for as many customers as possible.

Through service integration, utilisation of advanced technological tools and access to an international pool of skillful professionals, Metrax seeks to offer world class services designed not only for large development projects but also applicable to the needs of small-medium property owners through our unique Turn-Key solutions created specifically for that purpose.

Why choose us?

We are flexible and competitive

FlexibilityOur flat hierarchy and dynamic team-building process create agility that allows us to adopt to customer and project specific needs without difficulty or delays. In particular, the modular design of our services complement each other seamlessly and through synergies we achieve improved efficiency, higher productivity and reduced costs. Those benefits are  passed to the customer who receives increased value, faster lead times, highly optimized project budgeting and at the bottom line, their investment returns more. But we don’t stop there. Our innovative Turn-Key Solutions that also cater for small-medium projects offer high quality world class services accessible by customer groups not possible before.

Proof of concept

ProofWe offer proof of concept before each project starts. Conceiving applicable ideas and being able to prove them beforehand, requires skill, insight, knowledge and access to data that Metrax gets and does not guess. Our “solutions” answer questions on time in the property development process and before any significant investment is made. In short, we make sure that clients avoid hidden costs of redesigning the project halfway through or ending up with a solution that is much less than ideal. We see your investment as our track record for the future thus we strive to “protect” it as our own.

Integrated Services & Turn-Key Solutions

IntegratedOur vertical approach to servicing our clients’ property needs, means that we get a “Birds-Eye View” to your project from the beginning. No matter the type of expertise required for your project we got it covered for you. There are no missed details because they lie outside our area of responsibility. Working through integration from the early stages of your project allows for immense insight, design integrity and timely action resulting in savings and increased return on your investment. Choosing us for your partners means that development will be cohesive in every single category ranging from design to operation and fit-out.

Excellent results on time, every time

ExcellenceExcellence of results is our most important metric inherent to our culture and daily routine. In every project we undertake, we strive to surpass the highest standards in the market given the resources made available to us. It all starts with helping our clients define their needs and set goals that are feasible within their given constraints. Then throughout every stage of the project, all aspects of our work are continuously monitored and questioned for improvements. This process continues until we can measure that the highest possible resource productivity is attained and that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Every time. On time.

We are a new & innovative company

InnovativeMetrax was formed by highly experienced people that bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions and unparalleled flexibility not available before. And since we are determined to succeed through customer satisfaction, we leave no room for mediocrity or less than stellar results. We encourage you to meet with our team and find out why Metrax is the right partner for you.


Surpassing customer expectations

It is a central objective of our operation that our people always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service along with additional value that is measurable and can be perceived. In this light, we go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction through project close-out surveys that capture the effectiveness of our work.

Our team members have participated in more than 1,000 projects carrying high diversity of experience.

We utilize latest technology tools and produce the most efficient solutions for your property.

We are connected with world class experts internationally, offering ad-hoc expertise on hard to solve problems.

We are great people with great customers working together to make a difference for everyone involved.