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In new buildings or as part of a fit-out, we offer consulting and project management on the electronic and electromechanical systems required as an integral part of the design specifications. Through constant education, market research and a strong network of specialized and certified partners (PMI/PRINCE2, CISCO, Microsoft), Metrax is always up to date about the latest technological innovations and their integration to buildings. Based on project-specific needs, a team of ITC and automation systems professionals is formed for consulting, PM and coordination of all required tasks in order to provide our clients the highest required degree of system design sophistication needed to cover their needs. Team members chosen are guaranteed to have extensive experience and required professional certifications in complex installations ranging from high-end networked Access Control systems to IP Call centers, server rooms, control stations, contemporary smart Building Management Systems (BMS) and remotely controlled custom-built servos used for automation. No matter the requirements, Metrax will provide solutions based on the optimal systems for your project ensuring integrity, efficiency and future upgradability through our Open Paths Design (OPD) approach.

Our experienced team of professionals, will conduct market research, sourcing, procurement, installation management and commissioning. As a consultant and project manager, Metrax acts at your best interest and we are able to pass supplier and installer discounts to you as we are in constant cooperation with them and can apply our negotiation power effectively. In essence, we organize tenders for you on a mutually qualitative and quantitative base aiming at cost effectiveness and timely execution without compromise of system features, future expandability or reliability.

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