Property Managers

At Metrax, we support Property Managers offering our core and auxiliary services on a multilevel collaboration basis providing turn-key solutions that respond accurately and efficiently to their specific requirements and help them better serve their customer needs. For existing or prospective additions to property portfolios, property managers benefit by acquiring precise property and market information including financial data modelling, ad-hoc studies, investment appraisal and analysis of risk. These tools allow for increased success rates during the negotiation period, reduce maintenance costs through the duration of contracts and end up profitable towards the completion of each lease. Additionally, through our Design & Property Marketing Services we produce unique, precise and professionally designed  asset presentations of high aesthetic value, delivered in multiple digital formats and oriented to capture the interest of the targeted audience converting it to lease contracts or sales. Our advice aims at value maximization via minimizing vacancy periods and increasing return rates across all stages of the asset management cycle.

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Condition Reports, Dilapidations & Disputes Management

A valuable tool for effective property management is the Condition Report produced at the beginning of each contract through our Property Surveys service. Our experienced engineers offer detailed information of the exact condition of a property, accompanied by repairs/restoration advice, a cost effective maintenance schedule and reporting customization options formatted per property needs.

Through condition assessment reporting, we achieve cost mitigation and avoidance of unaccounted dilapidations and disputes while both property managers and their clients, are aware of any risks or costs associated with a lease in advance, leading to contracts that are based on technical due diligence and commonly accepted terms that both parties understand. In instances where disputes arise for the absence of a condition report or other reasons, Metrax can act as an independent third party facilitator through technical audits that produce the required data on which we base our legal advice for effective defense. Read our Legal Compliance section for more information on our services in this area and how we can help reach effective resolutions on time and at the lowest possible cost.

Cost Consulting & Detailed Budgeting

Metrax compiles detailed budgets for repairs, renovations, functionality enhancement, maintenance schedules and legal conformity actions that arise either for certification purposes or for operation licensing depending on property use. Combining resource optimization, efficient scheduling and scale economies through ongoing cooperation with our partners, we achieve tangible savings that appear on the bottom line.

For renovation or new development projects as part of a lease agreement, we can perform an investment appraisal or feasibility study and deliver the project from beginning to completion including Construction and Fit-Out.

Property Profiling

In conjunction with Condition Reports, Metrax can produce detailed profiles for a single property or portfolio-wide assignments that can be kept updated as the property evolves. Profiles can be designed to serve as a database for facility management software and may include detailed property specifications such us floorplans, fully described equipment inventories, electromechanical & passive infrastructure service specifications, photographs, drawings, 3D BIM plans and any relevant information that can increase the efficiency of the property manager’s job.

Cloud Storage

We offer the option of storing and maintaining profiles on a cloud based environment where it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and using any modern web enabled computing device. The possibility of accessing all this information at the press of a button, allows for highly agile service response and reduced maintenance costs both through lower contractor costs and more efficient use of internal staff.

FM Tools

For properties of high maintenance complexity and sophisticated equipment, Metrax offers consulting on designing and implementing a Facilities Management System using purpose built software that is deployed and managed in-house.

Marketing Services

Utilizing latest technology design tools and sophisticated marketing analysis techniques along with the expertise and talent of highly qualified professionals, we create unique presentations that make properties stand out while highlighting their true exploitation potential. Complementing our Acquisition & Disposal service our marketing approach adds value that significantly enhances the communication effectiveness of the property promotion process allowing  targeted audiences to quickly access and comprehend all the required information about a property before they decide. Our focused presentations are both informational and suggestive in nature since in addition to presenting properties in their current status there are options to include potential usage scenarios accompanied by any type of supporting material the client might choose. For example, these might be certified valuations, investment appraisals, conceptual 3D Models or animations among other options, including Metrax Services at reduced cost for the buyer-tenant should they decide to proceed with us.


  • Professional Photography
  • 3D Conceptualization
  • Business Analysis
  • Competitive Advantages

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  • Interactive Presentation
  • Interactive Floorplan
  • 3D & 2D Photography
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  • Target Communication Strategy
  • Custom Live Audience Presentations
  • Promotion through our property site
  • Social Media Communication

Limitless Flexibility & Discreet B2B Service

At the centerfold of our service design philosophy, lies the idea of offering customers and partners the option of accurately adopting our services to their specific requirements without the need to compromise on features or withstand exorbitant charges for options that they do not need. All of our propositions both via our Core Services and our Turn-Key solutions are built precisely around this belief allowing the addition or removal of service aspects any time a customer decides. Yet, our role is complementary to our B2B partner’s job acting with complete discretion as if we are an integral part of their company or organization.

Electronic IDs

Effective since January 2015 in Greece, new legislation states that all buildings in Greece should have an electronic ID that contains their building permit papers including all modifications since they were first constructed. For new buildings permits the process is compulsory and will be part of the issuing process. Older buildings are given a 10 year deadline to submit the required information and receive an electronic ID while buildings that have been subject to “settlement” are given a 5 year period before the completion of their Electronic ID. Due to the complicated nature of the law and possible amendments each case needs to be examined independently. Clients are advised to contact Metrax and have their case examined by one of our engineers.

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